Episode 21/25 : Understanding Rhone Valley wines with Jean-Luc Colombo

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Roughly 200 km long, between Lyon and Avignon, the Rhone valley consists of two main sub-regions: the Northern Rhône Valley between Lyon and Valence, the kingdom of a very intense and aromatic grape: Syrah, mainly on granite soils; and the Southern Rhône Valley, home to several grape varietals including Grenache, whose territory of choice lay in Chateauneuf du Pape.

Whether it’s the steep and narrow hills of Cornas, Cote Rotie and Hermitage in the north, or the larger, more open spaces of the south, we are at the heart of a region with deep and expressive wines that must seen to understand their diversity and nuances ... Don’t forget the whites!

Discovering Rhone Valey Cornas with Jean-Luc Colombo

We are on the vertiginous slopes of Syrah where the most dense and powerful wines in the Rhone Valley are produced.
During our tasting course with Jean-Luc Colombo, we hear the winemaker’s debate surrounding irrigation, the effect of vintages, and distinctions between New World Syrah and Rhône Valley Syrah.  

Accompanied by his cellar master, we tasted three wines from different plots to highlight the influence of the soil which nourishes the vine.
 An ongoing discussion with Anne Colombo, highlighting the tasting skills of women... often higher than the talents of some certified tasters…

Topics covered in this episode:

- On the slopes of Appellation Cornas.

- Difference between New World Syrah and Rhône Valley Syrah.

- Technique: for or against irrigation?

- The plot: three wines, three plots, one appellation. Comparative tasting

- The words of tasting (tasting vocabulary)

- How men and women taste

Wine Tasted Cornas Terres Brûlées 2006, Cornas les Ruchets 2005, Cornas La Louvée 2005

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